Just One More Toledo Summer

Upon stumbling onto the Athens' bricks for the first time (and yes, I absolutely stumbled, as these bricks are incredibly uneven and I wasn't wearing proper footwear at my own Bobcat Student Orientation), I knew it was only a matter of time before I would no longer anticipate a summer full of fantastical adventures in the… Continue reading Just One More Toledo Summer


12 Days of Toledo: Local Roots Juice Co.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Toledo and the surrounding area is truly an up-and-coming piece of art. Every time I come home from school there's another chain fast food place that has opened down the street or a local business that has expanded to a new location. This Winter break, I heard… Continue reading 12 Days of Toledo: Local Roots Juice Co.

12 Days of Toledo: Black Kite Coffee

The atmosphere is inspired by activism and the conversation inspired by cappuccinos. Black Kite Coffee is singlehandedly one of the coziest spots in Toledo, especially in the negative degree weather. The mission of the coffeehouse is to revitalize a popular neighborhood meeting spot for friends and neighbors to get together and enjoy savory food and… Continue reading 12 Days of Toledo: Black Kite Coffee

12 Days of Toledo: The Magic of Shopping Local

There's a special genre of magic in the event of choosing an alternative to shopping where everyone else does. Have you ever felt it? This kind of magic glimmers into your soul in the quiet moments of sifting through pieces of clothing at a thrift shop or sauntering through the summery aisles of a farmer's… Continue reading 12 Days of Toledo: The Magic of Shopping Local

12 Days of Toledo: Grandma’s Recipes

On the second day in Toledo, my aunt invited me... baking cookies and singing terribly off key! I've been looking forward to baking homemade cookies since Thanksgiving. I automatically jumped at the chance to bake one of my grandma's favorite Christmas cookie recipes with my aunt. Follow the instructions to have a happy tummy! THE ORIGINAL… Continue reading 12 Days of Toledo: Grandma’s Recipes

12 Days of Toledo: It’s a Wonderful Life

Upon arriving back home for the holidays, I made a somewhat ironic list of things that needed to be accomplished before leaving again. The list is comprised of emails to write, internships to apply for, and shelves to stock--shoutout to Bath and Body Works! My state of pure bliss, caused by the recently finished semester,… Continue reading 12 Days of Toledo: It’s a Wonderful Life

The Freshmen Fifteen

In this project, you will find 15 soon-to-be-sophomores telling you what they wish someone had told them before entering freshman year. It's the kind of advice that you would probably only ever hear from an older sister (unfortunately, I never had one of those, which explains a lot). Some pieces of advice are specific to my university, while others are more general. Some girls had multiple pieces of advice to give, while others only had one. No matter what, they are all important.

Allergic Reactions & Cracked iPhone Screens

Let me be the first one to admit: life is hard. In a world full of violence and utter complicated-ness, it's hard not to see. Or is it? Of course, the media portrays the obviously disgusting nature of the outside world. However, what we see inside our bubbles, that is, our own personal network of… Continue reading Allergic Reactions & Cracked iPhone Screens